Too much emphasis on appearance

I understand that we, in modern society, have to cover our naked flesh, therefore, the commercial deluge of every variety, color, texture and creative accessory that can possibly be drape, shod, slip on or pour ourselves into, has canvased not only (probably) hundreds of square miles of store space, storage, warehouse, closet space but occupies our air-space in the form of commercials – online, TV, radio – and chatter about clothes (purses, shoes, scarves, etc) and…AND, we have to be judged by/on what we wear. Apparently how and with what we cover our flesh says something about our character. Really?

How ’bout this? It’s affordable, comfortable and it does the job, namely, hiding my nakedness.

Or: My clothes state that I don’t care what you think of my clothes.

To be completely honest, I rarely (and I mean almost never) notice what someone is wearing. I could step away from someone after a ten minute conversation, immediately be quizzed about what they  had on and I couldn’t tell you.

This will blow your mind: about the middle of the day, if someone asked me to describe what I had on (either garment or color), I would have to pause and think. I might even have to look.

None of this means that I dress in the dark after picking up my clothes off the floor or from under the bed and start my day with complete disregard for what I am wearing (unless it’s a stay at home day, then all the above is true). It means that my limited wardrobe consist (mainly) of everyday clothes that are comfortable, simple and serve the purpose. On the rare occasion that I go to an “event” that, if it’s not required, it’s usually socially acceptable to ‘dress up’ a little I will go the extra mile and wear a nice sweater with my jeans.

Does all of this define my character or personality or give insight to my political leanings or depth of intellect or compassion, or tell you about my religious beliefs or give clues to what I fear or hope?

I think the only thing some clothes/accessories reveal about anyone is how hard they try to be contemporary, fashionable or a trendsetter. It tells us about their fears.

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