Urgency is all relative

Autumn has arrived so quickly.

When we have ‘big plans’ for something like a wedding or a long-anticipated extended trip there are the mixed emotions of ‘can’t wait’ and the dread that we won’t get ‘everything done’ in time. The event seems so distant into the future that we feel we have the luxury of time but daily life gets in the way of necessary preparations and appointments then, before we know it, the time has arrived.

I’m in the middle of those emotions. Everyday I feel the urgency of being prepared for my thru-hike combined with the necessary things that need to be done on a daily basis. The more ‘training’ I do, i.e. hiking, weight-lifting, aerobics – not to mention acquiring, not only equipment, but the “right” or “best” equipment, the better prepared I will be for my hike but work and daily life doesn’t allow me to use as much of my time as I’d like for what seems (or feels) necessary to me.

My solution: everything in moderation. We can only do so much in the time we have. I need to work so that’s a forty-hour hunk of my week. I have to sit and pay bills, go to appointments, winterize, fulfill obligations of life and throw a little bit of relaxing (or otherwise ‘fun’) in there to break up the monotony. I have to realize that I might not be as prepared for my hike as I would like and that’s okay. Many people successfully thru-hike on sheer determination.

While urgency has it’s place (like initiating CPR) most things are not as urgent as we may feel or believe. We increase our own anxiety by giving in to a fear that really is not as extreme or maybe even warranted. If we had to explain it, if we had to justify our fear or convey the sense of urgency, we probably couldn’t do it without coming off as a little ‘out-of-control’ or emotionally unbalanced; disproportionate pragmatism verses hysteria. Best we keep our heads cool and take life an hour at a time – eventually we will get where we want to be, with or without comprehensive preparedness, and all that fuss will just seem like wasted energy.

Daily Prompt: urgent


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