Life’s little tests.


Each day is a test of will power. Some days the test is to persevere at work, doing something unfulfilling, monotonous and soul-sucking, testing tolerance for stupidity or banality or aggression, anger, indifference, counting down the hours to flee from the oppressive but necessary environment so a payment for your time can be deposited into your life account to pay for food, shelter, transportation, and other needs and/or wants.

Other days the test is to appreciate what you have to validate those days of ‘work-tests’, be grateful, be productive with something that you enjoy, be industrious and finish a home project that needs to be done, be patient with those you love even when you feel tired and worn, be nice, smile, be open-minded, be reminded that this is what ‘life’ or ‘living’ is: each day is a test.

Daily Prompt: Test


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