The slog of summer

Summer is slogging along…perhaps it feels this way because of the (record breaking) intense heat and lack of rain for months. I consciously try not to wish my life away when I look forward to the cooler temperatures that autumn {and 🙂  winter} bring but I am so ready now. Each day that forecasts 60’s or 70’s temperatures it still feels sweltering to me – particularly when I try to tackle some long overdue yard work – which has been put off due to the humid heat that sizzles the energy right out of me and leaves me draped over lawn furniture in an adequately shady but not very cool spot -unless I chose to hide in my bedroom in front of the AC – but, who wants to be inside on sunny days, the sun-hours of which are dwindling into a suggestion of the long hours of darkness to come? Not me.

My body tends to the green-lace trim of crab-grass lining the walkway and driveway, trying not to bend at the lower back while sitting or kneeling because it burns unbearably, while my thoughts flit in my mind like those dust particles when disturbed from a pillow by a thumping hand: the pile of books I just bought instead of going to the library (but they’re resource books), the sewing machine I had fixed about a month ago and still haven’t tried it out to make sure it’s functioning properly, the hiking I haven’t done, the blog I haven’t posted on, the garage door that needs to be replaced and so on. I only spend enough time doing this task outside until the lace is ripped out from it’s grip, threatening to take over, then shower and move on to something less strenuous and sweat inducing – reading. Yin-Yang.

Time moves faster as we set upon and then move through the milestones in our lives and since I’ve become more acutely aware of this phenomenon (not fact as time remains constant) I’ve become adept at living more in the moment, to borrow a current expression, and I try to avoid using language (such as, “I wish my winter vacation was already here”) that propels me into a near future, bypassing even a small part of the little remaining time I have ‘in life’. So, as sweaty and sluggish as these last days of summer still feel for me, I am trying to wring out as much of the season as I can, doing what needs to be done while marbling it with the joy that comes only with long, hot days.


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