New Frontier Tiny

*If I could figure out how to download the picture of the Alpha tiny home, I would.

I saw this on AWOL’s website/posts and I fell in love.

It’s beautiful.

It’s what I want…with some modifications:

I would not have the loft, I’d have a pull-out bed instead of a pull-out table (I don’t ‘entertain’ much).

I would have the bathroom, constructed differently at the end instead of the kitchen. Thus, bathroom with pocket-door up to elevated kitchen (over the wheel wells) which would have the hide a bed under the floor, then step down into the LR on the end with slanted windows (like a windshield) all along the end. I’d have a hide-a-table that would pull down for my sewing (thus, the windshield style windows for light). The windows would have an ‘awning’ that would fold down over the windows during travel to prevent scratches/breakage. Plus, the slant of the windows would make the home more aerodynamic for travel.

I’d probably go without the garage door opening, although I do love that feature.

The bathroom would be a step down from the kitchen – I’m thinking on saving on plumbing from one end of the tiny house to the other. Keep the plumbing all at one end. I’d have the compost toilet on one side upon entering the bath and a shower only on the other. The sink would be directly across from door with a window over the sink. Thus, from the kitchen, with the bathroom door open, you’d view the sink and a window which would add additional light to the entire home if the bathroom door is open.

Without a loft I’d have plenty of head space and not need the additional height of a tiny home (think about low bridges while traveling) that has the loft. I don’t really want to crawl on my hands and knees for a bedroom anyway.

The LR would have a fan, windows along the end, a large fold-down table that would expose a cabinetry with sewing machine and supplies (and a fold-down ironing board!) when the table is ‘open’.


**to be edited as I further fantasize 🙂



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