Fooling Us Is Our Bottom Line

I wish I could write this well. Thank you.

Phil's Personal Perspectives

Which road is the way back from Mr. Trump? Working people are labeled the crazies and several reasons are given. These people are left behind in the economy and feel neglected. Immigrants are taking over jobs and Muslims are threatening our way of life is what we are told. Minimum or low wage jobs are the best we can hope to obtain. There are other reasons or excuses, which are documented to be without a factual basis. There is generally some truth to most stereotypes which can be exaggerated by those who wish to obtain power. How can this be in the nation that prided itself on individualism, hope without fear and belief in a better tomorrow? The road that got us here did not start with the current presidential race.

History is littered with extremist groups such as the John Birch Society and militia type groups in more recent…

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