It’s Saturday, a gorgeous day in NH: upper 70s with plenty of sunshine. Naturally it’s also a working weekend for me (it always is) so I feel like Pissing & Moaning (P&M) a little and there’s going to be no heading, body or any other form here. Just random P&M.

Since I’m a loner by circumstance I don’t have a whole lot to ‘talk’ about or to relate to anyone if I did because my life is pretty boring with only the voices in my head for company (and they are not usually ‘good company’) – I can come up with all kinds of uninteresting stuff to write.

As I may have mentioned I plan on hiking the AT in 2017 and, therefore, that’s almost all I think about or read about. Not 100%. There’s always the American Three-Ring Circus we call politics to read about but I’ve had it up past my eyeballs with that shit-show and have been avoiding it. I also love NPR and listen to as many uplifting podcasts/shows that I can stand to sit still long enough to hear (I also listen to them for news briefings…just cuz). I prefer to ‘uplifting’ stories/segments because I find my life and, to be blunt, the world depressing. That’s not to say I am depressed or that I ‘act’ depressed…to the contrary, I can be ‘normal’ and fake it along with everyone else.

I slept out in my back yard last night…in my 1-person tent that is all bug screen except the ‘bathtub’ bottom. It was perfect, I even kept my sleeping bag unzipped because it was warm. Anyway…I was thinking today that I can’t JUST focus on my AT plans; placing all my energy-eggs in one basket. I also realized I need to make short-range goals also…plans to get ready for winter, plans to hike this winter, maybe even camp out a few times.                     ~~~~~~~ALL ALONE.

The other subject of my internal-attention has been my reignited Tiny House desire. I saw a couple of homes that were just perfect for me!! My trail of thought went something like this: I ‘get through’ the winter, hike the AT (that brings me to next autumn), then figure out how to achieve my goal of obtaining/building a tiny home (my highest hopes would be that DURING my hike I’d meet people or have an ”AHA” moment and all my desires would coalesce and become a reality. yeah. I know. not likely to happen to me *it’s the kind of thing that i read happens to other people* but that’s what makes it ‘hope’). Of course the other ‘hope’ would be to figure out how to go from the AT to the PCT or some other trail-journey. Those are bridges I will cross when/if I get there.

Okay. That wasn’t as bad as i thought it was going to be. I have to go now…work calls.



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