I can’t even say how ‘happy’ I have felt today: I got out of work at 7:30 a.m. and “stayed up” until about 11:30 when my brain started to fog over (at this point there is no ‘point’ to staying awake…there is no ability to think never mind drive or DO something) so I took a ‘nap’ (3 hours of deep sleep) and then got up to ‘enjoy’ the day.

((pardon all the “” & ” but the word surrounded is ‘relative’; i.e. when you work night shift and you’ve put in the first 7.5 hours of Monday working, it’s not a “day off”. For those who can’t ‘understand’ this, it’s two-fold: I worked 7 hours of the day so it’s not a ‘day off’ AND I work a total of 12.5 hours through the night so, NATURALLY, sleep needs to take place and that will be during my ‘day off’, therefore, not being able to function to do, say, a hike or drive to Boston and enjoy the day, is not a ‘day off’. That’s what I mean by ‘relative’))

Having said that…the weather, which is an important part of my day because I love being outside, was PERFECT. Blue skies with mostly sun & some floating clouds, not a lot, early 70s for a temp. and a nice breeze. I mean…PERFECT. I went for a walk on a trail in the woods along a river. It’s the kind of weather and day that I just don’t want it to end. My son, who is home from college, went with me and we talked, then picked up some food for dinner and sat on my deck with some refreshing (alcoholic) beverages. If I could have more days like this, life would feel more like something enjoyable and not something I need to get through until something better comes along (yeah, I know…death).

I just wanted to ‘share’ this transient, slightly euphoric feeling.


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