Some people are shameless about getting viewers.

Sometimes I have something to write. Other times I need inspiration and I start going through my ‘reader’ and checking into what’s going with other bloggers. Well, THAT triggered a response. I’m not going to mention any blog site or name – not that it matters as I think I get about one ‘view’ per month anyway, but I am going to write about MY feelings about what I watched.

I’ve followed this blog for months, it alludes to ‘beauty’ but that’s not why I have read the posts (actually I can’t recall why I started following but it doesn’t matter anyway) but today there was a short video of the blogger talking into the camera and she dramatically entices multiple times and in many ways her readers to watch by using ‘caution’ as a lure. So, naturally the reader is feeling like, “what?!”. I’m watching an attractive, well ‘made up’ (as in make-up) young woman quietly speak to the audience with all the appropriate pauses…waiting for the big- “Oh my gosh” moment and finally the photo from her past that we’ve been ‘warned’ about appears and I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Now…..I had to scroll back and look again.

And again.

Are you fucking kidding me?!

That was my reaction. Then I had to read the ‘comments’. Out of all the, ‘you’re so brave’ and ‘God bless you’ and ‘you are so courageous’ (not exact quotes)…there was about 30 of them, one person, just one (thank god) finally said, again -not quoting- ‘um excuse me, but what exactly am I suppose to be seeing here that I am obviously missing. I see an attractive, in appearances – a happy, smiling, young woman?’

Yeah. That’s what I thought. That’s why I had to scroll back several times to try to see what all the “CAUTION” was suppose to be about. The only thing I could see was a woman who I would describe as ‘the girl next door’ look, pretty, smiling compared to the (and I will admit, completely different looking) substantially made-up, different hair color and hair styled woman talking into the camera.

I can’t even write any more about this…this quite elaborate seduction and the abundance of lapping ‘fans’. I will stick with my no-show followers from my lack of …finesse (I guess that’s what it takes).

Oh…and I ‘un-followed’. Is that a thing?


2 thoughts on “Some people are shameless about getting viewers.

  1. It’s definitely a thing, and it’s good you did! Follow those who inspire and motivate, and help with your process! No need to engage with things that don’t do that! I appreciate your post! Honesty wins over finesse for me. I’m in it for the grit of truth! Cheers!

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