Why a woman might vote for Trump

There is so much in the ‘news’ lately, the three-ring circus we call politics, it’s hard to even pick a topic, one topic to focus on. I was thinking about the “disenfranchised” Trump followers; the “uneducated” and “white-supremacist male” but there are some women and there are ‘Christians’ in there too. What does that tell us about Trumpians?

Here’s one take. I am a middle-aged, unmarried, ‘educated’ (I am a ‘pink collar’ worker), white woman. If I were to lean-into the Trump ticket, the following would be my rational.

… because I am sick of politicians spouting during campaigns what they would do for me and once they get elected they may or may not follow through with campaign promises for a variety of reasons (and it doesn’t really matter what those are because they are always changing). Politicians are looking out for their career, their personal welfare, their professional trajectory, their kids college and ultimately their retirement, just to name a few obvious points. They are also looking out for their ego, that might even be the first priority; it’s come down to: no compromise, my way or hijack the government.

Here’s one American’s life and why I am voting for Trump. I have worked since I was 15 years old (make sure to note here that since that time I have been paying in to my social security. That’s an important fact to remember), gone to school and raised three children single-handedly (no boyfriend helping out) for 17 years, paid for their dental and health insurance, braces (not covered by dental), all school clothes, sports dues, etc. (the ex-spouse, via our court system, paid $80.00 TOTAL every two weeks until they were 18).I signed and have helped pay for their college education, helped them buy/bought their first car, I pay the mortgage on my house after bailing myself out of debt accrued by my spouse while we were married, I’ve never bought a new car, vacations (the real ones where you leave home for relaxation or fun somewhere besides your own backyard) are rare, I’ve almost always worked F/T and a part-time job. Just when I thought the light at the end of the tunnel was the brightest it’s been for me (and that’s not saying much. I wanted to sell my house for a small profit and simplify to match my income) – it’s 2008 and all goes to hell. I’ve been sexually harassed at work by a replacement manager only to have the organization that I worked for almost two decades decide that I was the one who was ‘not a good fit’. Thankfully, I got a new job but for significantly less money in addition to the fact that I hadn’t had a raise in over 7 years while the price of EVERYTHING has gone up and out of sight including my health insurance payments, my deductible (and then they only pay a portion). The politicians are talking about extending the retirement age to 70 (I don’t get to retire until I am 67 as it is) and cutting (IF there is any funds to work with) back social security and medicare. So, for all I’ve done all my life on my own, my ‘reward’ for being a responsible, working, tax-paying, law-abiding citizen of the United States of America is to be marginalized by the court system as a mother, harassed by my employer for being a woman (and not ‘playing along’ with the boys), work more for less than my male counterparts, taken advantage of by plumbers, electricians, contractors,  car salesmen, and the like and now I have the added bonus of being able to reflect on how my life going forward is going to look with more of the same.

This is what I think: our country is not about equality and never has been, regarding my gender, it’s all lip service, a thin veneer on the surface of our culture to look like equality; we’re allowed to work outside the home – and still in the home – and vote but nothing is ‘fair’ or equal. As long as my life is spiraling down the toilet then I may as well vote for someone who makes most other people in this country uncomfortable looking at their future. Maybe those who are comfortable (married women, white men, the wealthy) need to be made uncomfortable for change to finally occur. Why should any person who has worked hard and done their best tolerate more discrimination and poverty but continue to vote to make sure those who are comfortable, stay that way? That’s what people don’t understand about those who support Trump, it’s not just angry white males, it’s all of us who are marginalized, disadvantaged and discriminated against who are finally saying:






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