Why is fate always a foe?

It’s been a while…too long. But sometimes I have nothing worthy of turning on the laptop and fingering keys. Sometimes I have a lot to say but it’s strangled cries and YELLING or *#&%@!^)

Today I’ve exhausted the YELLING and swearing already and am resigned to the shitty (oops, there’s one!) day that was apparently prescribed unbeknownst to me this morning. I was all prepared *and that was a feat in itself* and energized to start my day of solid outdoor work…and I mean W-O-R-K. Only to have every turn bumbled and F’ed-up (no fault of my own…except the lack of strength in my hands which I can’t seem to convince any medical professional really exists. Chronic pain in the joints of my elbow, wrist & thumb and weakness. Couldn’t turn the door knob this morning with my left hand). I had to return to the store to return products that ultimately I couldn’t use or they didn’t do the job as advertised, bumper to bumper traffic, customer lines, customers with credit cards that don’t work, etc. Some days are just like that. When my day starts like that…I just cave – resign because I KNOW, having learned from the School Of Life, that it DOES NOT GET BETTER. (that’s not ‘yelling’, it’s emphasis)

So, a beer, a book, my feet up! Screw it. Maybe when the blazing sun stops beating down in my yard I will attempt to do something ‘easy’ with the attitude of I-don’t-give-a-fuck and that way, when it’s a failure it won’t really matter.

Tomorrow is another day. Maybe fate will fuck with someone else tomorrow and then I can get something done.

Okay…i guess i wasn’t done swearing.


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