While driving to my dog-walking/hiking destination, I’m listening to the radio and the political themed discussion, and thinking about time and change. There was mention of ‘millennials’ and whether they’d vote for Hillary (if/when Bernie officially concedes) or stay home, as historically -purportedly- they do.

Here’s the thing: those motivated to vote do, and those not motivated don’t. They are all various ages, ethnicities, colors, religious backgrounds, educations, etc. etc. Many people don’t feel the motivation to vote, many feel like their vote ‘doesn’t count’, many feel that because they don’t like either nominee they will remain true to themselves and not vote for either, many feel that nothing will change regardless of who is in office…the list goes on.

When I look at the ‘world today’ and all it encompasses ~ good or bad ~ I think of a book I listened to (I am not sure I would have completed it if I’d attempted to read it but it was excellent to listen to), the 2015 Pulitzer Prize winning THE SIXTH EXTINCTION by Elizabeth Kolbert. I think about this book, particularly when things look bleak, as they often do when listening/watching the (world) news because Ms. Kolbert’s writing of the history of extinction put things in perspective for me. I am free to NOT worry about what is happening and how it may effect me, not because there is no need to be concerned but because there is not much that I can do about world events to change them. It is of great concern who holds political office not only for me individually but for world relations but my vote is one vote and what takes place will be regardless of my vote. Yes, my vote “counts” but it’s one vote and even combined with other votes, if it’s not the majority, then so be it. The world will continue to spin and things will unfold as they will. I can’t worry anything into change.

If millennials don’t turn out to vote, for whatever reason, they might be more motivated in four years (if there will be elections in four years) when it effects them more personally. We can encourage people to be more involved with voting or saving the planet or the homeless but, ultimately, people will do what they want to do depending on how they are effected or by what concerns them.

Kolbert’s book laid out the landscape of time and reminded me that I am barely a speck in it and that in itself shows me that what infinitesimally small amount of time I have, I need to focus on what is important to me and how I want to use the minuscule amount of time I have on this planet. It is important for me to pay attention to world events and participate to the extent that I am able but it’s also important for me to realize that maybe what is important to me is not necessarily important to (the majority of) others and then I need to adjust to the ever changing circumstances of which I am but a speck.

Daily Prompt: this isn’t embarrassing.



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