Don’t read this; it has no purpose.

I read a few of the posts for the daily prompt “purpose” and found what I thought I would ~ posts about the purpose of life. I’m a little disappointed; I was hoping to find an answer but there were just more questions from others about trying to find the purpose of life. I guess  I’m not alone.

We are all really mediocre with a few human outliers among us ~ which makes the rest of us question how we, also, can be ‘great’ (or famous or what ever it is that you see when you look at others and wonder how you can get there too). And this is really too bad because, apparently, our purpose is to to BE. To live our individual lives in a way that brings out the best in who we are, love our family and friends, create, enjoy, laugh and find enjoyable or rewarding work to do. For different people, the results are different.

It’s not really that complicated.

I tell myself this and I know it’s true…deep down I know it. But still, I want what (almost) everyone else wants…some guarantee that I’m where I’m suppose to be, doing what I’m suppose to be doing and haven’t, somehow, missed the boat to what was suppose to be my destiny real purpose in life because, a lot of times I feel I have ~ missed the boat. I feel like there’s more and I’m not alone in feeling this either.

So why do so many of us feel like there’s more? Because we are not fulfilled? Because we are not happy? Because we see what someone else has and feel envy? All the above?

More than half of my life is over (maybe even more than that since I don’t know my expiration date…it could be next month) and I’m still wondering when it’s going to start: the reward for doing what’s expected, working hard, being a good person ~ the satisfying, happy and very content part. And the more I search, the more time I spend trying to find the path that leads to my destiny or purpose, the more of my life I’ve wasted because I probably already have what I’m suppose to have, I’m already right where I am suppose to be and I just don’t recognize it. Like, when you are searching in the fridge or your closet for one thing in particular and you don’t see it, but it’s right there ~ it’s been there all along.

Perhaps being more ‘present’, enjoying my friends more, loving my family more, finding even more things to enjoy or create or read or see is what I need to do to appreciate that where ever I look, here I am and where ever my life takes me, there I will be. I think pondering the ‘purpose’ is futile. I need to spend energy on what I have and exercise a healthy curiosity for life in the things around me and other people. The expectation that there should be ‘more’ seems to be more about lack of gratitude and too much ego.


2 thoughts on “Don’t read this; it has no purpose.

    1. I think the human ‘purpose’ is reach our full creative potential and enjoy the variety of human beings and how they contribute -creatively- to the human experience. Unfortunately modern society has almost completely obliterated that drive. See my short post: Tribe.

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