Who ISN’T angry?

Daily Prompt: “ANGRY

Wow, how appropriate ~~~

animal rights activists, trump, extreme right, black lives matter, religious zealots, immigrants, lbgt, equal rights, civil rights, human rights, animal rights, climate change, isis, muslims, jews, white supremacy, washington is broke, 1%, health care, unemployment, minimum wage, homeless, gun reform, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, veterans…………..    …………..


I’d like to know who isn’t angry about something. If we are not angry we must be on a slow-simmer and just one straw away from snapping. I’m thinking, if you are not angry/simmering, your life must be REAL good because everyone has something to be legitimately angry about right now.

Me…well, I work the night shift in ‘healthcare’ (not really healthy and not really caring) at a facility (ginormous corporation with hundreds of facilities) that doesn’t put money back into the building, equipment, or it’s employees. We regularly run out of: toilet paper, paper towels & gloves (and, supposedly, the ‘management’ isn’t “allowed” to go to the local store and buy supplies between stock delivery). I have to be on the unit during my entire 12 hour shift and I’m not allowed to have a beverage at my ‘station’ and, when I eat (I don’t get ‘breaks’ off the clock) I have to stand in an area called the ‘nutrition center’ which is a corner of the nursing station with a trash basket and a counter that is four feet long and completely taken up with a microwave, kurig, toaster, and a very tiny (filthy) sink. No stool, chair, or place to put a plate, bowl or cup. Everyone slinks around like prisoners under surveillance and “get in trouble” are words I hear so often I can’t believe I’m a 53 year old woman in a ‘profession’ in the USA and not some…well, dictator state. And the patients/residents have it worse. I get to go home. Hell, I can eventually leave if/when it becomes intolerable. I get $1.00 an hour for working the night shift and…no such thing as “holiday pay” except for Thanksgiving and Christmas, 48 hours of “personal time” per year and one week vacation time (until – IF – I’ve been there 5 years, then it’s TWO weeks!!)

But I don’t get angry. I have adapted to this chronic state of employment. I’ve been in the unhealthy+careless environment for over 20 years and it has been a quick evolution from respectable career to a despicable job. I wouldn’t recommend a “healthcare” field to anyone unless it’s your PASSION to become a nurse, doctor, or what-have-you. It is almost completely thankless and unappreciated not only by the employers but by the public. Healthcare personnel work closely with police officers and EMT’s and we are all treated as servants (not “public servants” but they kind who are property and have no rights) or money-grubbing enemies of the public (in general). We are yelled at, sworn at, spit at, hit, punched, attacked, slapped, groped and told what to do or…”I’ll…report you/sue you/etc.” I can honestly say I believe that prison guards are treated better ~ if they are assaulted, they can defend themselves. We’re expected to ‘tolerate’ it because the people we ‘deal with are “ill”…’ ~ NOT. Most are self-serving, entitled, hostile assholes who use their “illness/sickness/behavioral issues” as an excuse to act out to the people who are trying to help them. If you wonder why the ER/hospital staff seem cold, indifferent, etc…well, think about spending 40 hours a week being verbally, physically, emotionally abused by the people you take care of AND the people who are suppose to be your support. And if you wonder “why don’t you quit”…well, probably because we have school loans to pay off as well as a family to provide for and bills to pay just like everyone else.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

The pendulum is swinging.

I’m not angry. I’m just shrugging my shoulders and watching the world self-destruct.



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