Snews synopsis.

It’s hard to believe with my mind in constant noisy communication that I’m blank when it comes to writing when I’m feeling the mood to do just that. I think, in part, there’s a lot in my head that I don’t want to commit to ‘paper’ ~ esp. cyber-space. We all know what happens when you put something in ‘writing’ and send it ‘out there’: ~ at some future date and time when you’ve forgotten all about it or, worse, now have a completely different perspective on the very subject you previously wrote about, it comes right back at you like a TNT loaded boomerang. So, considering that ~ even in the very remote likelihood that anything I write will be read, taken to heart and come back to blow-up in my face, I try to be transparent with my own ‘musings’ but not divisive or hostile (although that doesn’t REALLY matter to the reader who choses to be offended).

Since I’m blank about writing anything, I’m going to write a synopsis of what I’ve read in the “news” lately.

Trump is still on top in the news about how’s he’s still in on the bottom in popularity except with uneducated white males who feel disenfranchise and want to pummel everyone that isn’t a white male. Apparently, also, he and Megyn Kelly have made some sort of behind-the-curtain “frenemies” deal while appearing antagonistic in public and it all has to do with ‘entertainment’ or her new book release.

The newly elected President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines is simultaneously a misogynistic, demagogue who has, while Mayor of Davao for most of two decades, all but eradicated crimes  (including crimes against women) in the city and made it the safest place in the country. Ring any bells?

Adele shamed a vidographer to stop taping at her concert.

Authorities are no closer to knowing (or having a clue) as to who murdered eight members of a family in Ohio.

Family and friends on both sides, Depp and Heard, defend their respective family/friend member.

It seems to be a bad year for hikers: too many lost and dead to count.

The weather has been like a yo-yo (speaking just about my ‘home’ area) from cool and rainy to record high temperatures and humid – and the weather forecasters are wrong more than right. Totally ruined a hiking day for me as I didn’t plan/go out on what was suppose to be a day full of showers and it was the best day of the entire week. Who knows, maybe it was a  silver lining ~ I might have gotten lost.

Daenerys Targaryen very well might turn out to be the biggest villain in the whole (TV version of) GoT.

A couple in Japan kicked their 7 year old out of the car in a remote (wooded) area to teach him a lesson. When they went back a ‘few mintues’ later to get him, he was gone. Apparently he is still missing. I wonder if the parents learned a lesson?

OH…Dori is reportedly going to be a whale of a money-maker AND…apparently the movies features….wait…a lesbian couple! Do you think Ellen had anything to do with that?

Okay…that’s it for today. btw: I work night shift so it’s still 5/30/16…to me.


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