Unlimited Possibilities

What does “countless” mean? When I think of “countless” I think immediately of the stars but, are there not other “countless-es” out there? There are countless numbers of snowflakes, grains of sand, fingerprints (therefore, countless numbers of human beings since time began), dreams, sufferings, excuses, seconds in time, options, stories, paths to be taken.

The imagination is countless in it’s ability to create, from nothing, something.

I try to be varied in my list of things for which to be grateful (I usually come up with much of the same list) but there are probably countless ways in which I am grateful and I just haven’t imagined them yet. I think we are so entrenched in our paths ~ our lives ~ that we don’t realize that with each decision, in every day, we either ‘stay the course’ or we divert the energy and forge a new path. Sometimes it’s planned and other times is an explosive release of tension that changes our lives forever.

I want to change the course of my life and so I count: I count what I have against what is unknown. I count what I have to lose versus what I can keep. I count the ups and downs, the in’s and out’s, the what-if’s. Some people don’t count, they just ‘do’, and that works for some people (who become wildly successful) but it doesn’t work so well for others. I can’t name any right here  & now but there have been many people throughout history who have ‘gambled’ and ”lost”, for example, writers or playwrights or scientists who have died ”penniless” but have gone down in history, albeit posthumously, as ‘famous’ or ‘genius’ or ‘greatest’.

I guess I need to be less concerned with the ‘what if’s’ and just do what I feel I need to do. It’s such a fine line…the line between being responsible (read: too cautious, or uptight) and being unrestricted by expectations or judgments (read: irresponsible). WE are so mislead, so brainwashed to follow the status quo that we have no more imagination or most remote understanding of how to follow our dreams. *maybe it’s just me* Graduate, get a job, go into debt, and work until we die (meanwhile though, we try to figure out how to ‘get rich quick’ or some other scheme/shortcut to wealth and the ”good life”). Does anyone even have a dream? Besides where to go for the next year’s vacation? Or the plan for retirement? Wow!! How sad that those are our dreams. Instead of living we are existing and all that potential, all those dreams, die.

The countless possibilities.


6 thoughts on “Unlimited Possibilities

    1. Since I just noticed that you are ‘following’ me on Thru-HikeR I wanted to say that I have two blogs sites, the other is trailingthoughtsblog.wordpress.com. This is the blog that I usually ramble on about various thoughts I have. The Thru-HikeR is strictly about my hiking experiences and goals. I just thought I’d point that out to you. Thanks again. 🙂

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